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Getting started FAQ's

Getting started FAQ's

  • What’s the best way to get oriented with the Apps and its features?

    Our application has a guided tour that launches the first time you open the app. The tour will take you through most of the basic features and help you become familiar with navigating the application. To find the tutorial again, simply click on the menu button on the lower right of the main screen to access the tools menu. Once there, click SETTINGS then VIEW TUTORIAL.

  • How do I access the menus?

    Elliot has two main menu screens. The first is the tools menu that you can access by clicking the menu button on the left lower corner of the main map screen. The second is your profile menu. Here you will have access to edit your profile, view messages and post updates to your board. To access this menu, simply click on the avatar icon on the lower right corner of the main maps screen.

  • What do the buttons on the main map screen do?

    On the top right, you will find the Elliot search feature. Here you can search for points of interest, mates and courses that are nearby. On the lower right side of the main map screen, you will find a ‘My Location’ button that will always navigate the map back to your current location and an ‘Augmented Reality’ button for an alternative view to the traditional 2D map view. Finally, in the lower right corner you will find a button to access your profile and opposite that button you will find the ‘Tools’ menu.

  • What is the black dialogue box at the bottom of the main screen?

    This box displays navigation information specific to your location, speed and direction. When it is black, you are idle. Green indicates you are underway and following a course. Red means you have reached your destination.

  • How do I turn on different map views?

    Under your ‘Tools’ menu you will find a ‘Map Filter’ button. In Map Filter, you will have the choice between traditional and satellite view as well as a host of other features, including ENC’s.

  • What should I do with my profile?

    Building your profile is a fun and easy way to customize Elliot and start connecting with other boaters. The key components are your name, image and boat details. Your board is your message platform to the Elliot community.

  • How do I change my Password?

    Navigate to the ‘Tools’ menu button and click on ‘Settings’ -> ‘Change Password’. In the ‘Settings’ menu, you have access to change all of your personal information as well as how the app performs.

  • What does ‘Miles Sailed’ mean?

    This is your boating odometer. The more miles you have logged with Elliot, the higher level of proficiency you have. We’re currently incorporating an award system so miles will equal benefits.

  • Do you advertise to boaters?

    No. Elliot does not advertise to its users.

  • What nautical maps are currently included in Elliot?

    Currently, we only include ENC's covering US territories. However, we are always expanding our ENC coverage.

  • *If you would like to contribute to our FAQ, please email us @ team@ goelliot.com