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Course Building FAQ's

Course Building FAQ's

  • How do you build a course?

    Our course builder feature is easy and fun to use. In your ‘Tools’ menu, simply click on the ‘Create Course’ button to get started. First, enter a name for your course – this is how we will store it in your database. Your next task is to choose a start and end point for the course you are charting. You can use Elliot’s search feature to find points anywhere in the world with ease. After you’ve chosen your start and end points, you’ll want to create some waypoints along the path. The waypoints are numbered so enter them in the same order they will be followed. Waypoints are important because they tell the story of your trip through waypoint titles and descriptions. Finally, tag friends or mates that you want to either include on your trip or you want to follow you virtually. When you finalize your course, you’ll have the option to get underway immediately or save the course for later. If you save it for later, it will be stored under ‘My Courses’.

  • Why should I tag my mates when building courses?

    Tagged mates will be invited to join your cruise, physically and virtually. Users typically use this feature when going on a long passage where they want their friends to watch their progress or when multiple people are sailing together and want to earn miles.

  • Do I need to enter boat details?

    Yes. We encourage all Elliot users to enter a vessel in their profiles. This helps to separate your time on boats to multiple vessels.

  • Where are courses stored?

    All courses are stored on our cloud servers. They move with your account and are accessible on multiple devices.

  • What’s the difference between saving a course and getting underway?

    Saving a course let’s you save the course for later. Getting underway allows you to launch immediately into the course.

  • How can I share a course?

    Sharing courses is easy. You can share the course in multiple ways. Users can tag mates, share the course after completion or invite friends from outside Elliot to view the course. If you find a course you’d like to use, you can also share the course with yourself and import it into your ‘My Courses’ library. This only applies to courses that are shared. Private courses are not share with the Elliot community.

  • How long is a course saved?

    A course is saved with your account. At the moment, we do not retire courses or their records.

  • *If you would like to contribute to our FAQ, please email us @ team@ goelliot.com