Key Features

We developed Elliot to solve a problem we found with traditional navigation tools. There was no easy way to share courses with friends while cruising. We wanted to design a tool that made it easy for boaters to create and share courses. Our goal was to create a single tool that connected boaters and provided a platform to share their experiences while integrating with the power of Google data and the latest in Electronic Nautical Charts.

Nautical Charts Integrated with Google

Electronic Nautical Charts (ENC) have changed the way boaters navigate and use chart plotters. Their accuracy is unlike anything we’ve seen in the past. When we set out to build Elliot, we decided to integrate ENC’s with the power of Google search. This integration allows us to overlay Google’s impressive search capabilities with ENC’s, providing an easy way to search the coastlines for anything from maps to service providers. Integrating with Google also allows us to take advantage of satellite views, that help further clarify murky navigation situations in areas where charts are unavailable.

Course Sharing

The ability to easily create courses and share them with friends and /or the Elliot community is why we built Elliot. Using our course builder feature, we’ve made it fun and easy for users to build and share courses.

Dynamic Navigation Tools

We’ve included tools like weather, tide and distance to help in the creating of courses. We know most boaters will check multiple sources but we wanted to create a tool that conveniently included the essentials in one place.

User and System Generated Content

At the core of Elliot is a database of system and user-generated content. Users and commercial partners utilize Elliot to help inform boaters of important information about their boating environment.

Automatic Log Book

We call bad admin, "badmin". Writing entries in your logbook can sometimes be considered badmin. In an effort to help cure this administrative task, we’ve created a logbook that logs miles sailed, environmental conditions of your locations, course details and travel metrics.