Download Elliot


When we set out to build Elliot, we decided to launch our first product on the Android platform for two key reasons: We discovered more boaters were Android users and we’re Java nerds. After polling boaters, we discovered that ~3 out of 5 boaters use Android so we decided to launch our beta on the Google Play-Store. If you’re an Android user, please download beta now and let us know what you think.

  Apple Mac OSX and iOS

Frustration with current navigation tools is what inspired us to build Elliot. We couldn’t find a single tool that made sharing courses easy. As cruisers, we knew that boating is a social sport and we thought navigating should be too. iOS is a critical part of Elliot and we plan to release our iOS app in just a couple of months. If you’re interested in getting your app early, signup below for our private beta release.

  Windows OS

Windows is a powerful platform and we know it’s important to a lot of users. We’re working on releasing our application for the Windows platform and would love to hear from you if you’re interested in testing our beta release. Just click on the button below and signup for an invite.